Anonymous said: i;m confused. the photograph comparison of earth you posted was the same image just altered in photoshop. are you seeing how many stupid people believe it is real?

Ask yourself - is it that these are the same image, or is it just that they’re a picture of the same planet? The cloud patterns look the same, would be one clue, but remember that the clouds spin around the earth as the son does so we see them move from here but at the same time in the following week they’ll look the same. I can’t answer for you if this was really a photoshop, or if it’s an actual daguerrotype taken from space from the telstar prototype commissioned by president James Buchanan in 1861 and launched two years later during the civil war

(those space daguerrotypes really gave the Union soldiers an edge over the Confederates at the battle of Endor, you know.)

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