HDTGM Ep 56. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE w/ Steve Rannazzissi

The League’s Steve Rannazzisi joined us on a journey into the weird mind of Dan Aykroyd as we watched the truly upsetting Nothing But Trouble. We discuss the baffling set up to the drastically different second half of the movie, if the 2 large greasy men in diapers are indeed humans, and why Digital Underground would choose to take the detour into the run-down village of Valkenvania. We also talk about how John Candy looked depressed to be in this movie, Dan Aykroyd’s obsession with gadgets, and the fact that there are no jokes in this movie.



I gave a burned copy of this film to my friend Brendan, (aka Brendang). Upon watching it. He stood up from his chair, said “No!” and literally threw the DVD out the window. The film troubled him so much that he defenestrated it. 

It is the only feature film that Dan Ackroyd has ever been allowed to direct. 

I gave brendan another copy. 

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    I would have to say that everyone should watch this movie and also listen to this fantastic podcast
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    I used to love this movie!!!
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    got lost looking for a Burger King bathroom
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    June’s “Are they supposed to be humans?” might be my new favorite HDTGM quote
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    OH MY GOD! I totally saw part of this on TV when I was a kid and it was so weird and I tried looking for it years ago...
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  12. sunnyrainyweather said: I can only Remember watching this movie as a kid, and really really enjoying it. I bed to watch it again. I don’t get why its horrifying or upsetting.
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    penis nose!
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